Oogy - The dog only a family could love.

Oogy – By Larry Levin

Overall – cute story and very touching. As a book – poorly written and boring at several points. I understand that the author is a lawyer and not a writer but if the book is on the NYT best seller list I expect a little more than what I got. There were several pointless rambling sessions throughout the book that I honestly found myself skipping over. BUT the amazing family and dog that it is about kept me going until the end. Oogy’s story is one that definitely should have been told but maybe a ghost writer or a third party could have written the story that Mr. Levin told. In the end though the important thing is that Oogy’s story was told.

The story is a tale of a dog pure of heart. A dog who no matter what happened to him only wanted to love and be loved. What he went through was horrible and disgusting. But the love and care that he received once he was rescued changed his life forever. Oogy is a fighter…but not the kind of fighter that his original owner hoped for. He fought for his life by not giving up when he was so badly injured and left to die. He fought for his life again and again when he had to undergo multiple surgeries and the infections he had after them. And he fought all the cards that were stacked against his survival. Well, he sure did win! He survived and thrived with a new family and a life that any dog would be lucky to have. His family has done an amazing job making sure that he is well taken care of, loved immensely and most importantly safe.

So if you are a dog lover, I think you will enjoy this book based on the dog it is about. If you are not a dog lover, you may want to skip this one.


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