An Echo in the Bone – Diana Gabaldon (wrote this a while ago and never posted)

So I made it to the last book in the Outlander Series and let me tell you…She can’t write the next one fast enough. I mean really could there be any more cliff hangers in a book? So much has happened between A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone and in the end not even one of the story lines have resolved. And with four of them you would think she would throw us a bone and at least give us a resolution to one of them. But that was not the case. This book was significantly shorter than the others at a little over 800 pages so I am kind of feeling like this was half a book and she needed more time to complete the story so she released this half as a book and we will get the end of the story in the next one. All that being said I did enjoy this book for the most part.

Let me start with the negatives…Too much time was spent on Lord John and William. I enjoy learning about them and hearing more about their story (especially Jaime’s son) but did we really need all the battle details and such?? I don’t think so. Because there was so much of that we got less of Jaime, Claire and Ian. The boat journeys..They always go incredibly wrong so it felt a little predictable which is not something I could say about any of the other Outlander novel story lines.

Now on to the good. I really enjoyed the reunion of Jaime, Claire, young Ian, Jenny and Ian. This part of the book was most like the DG writing in the rest of the series. An emotional, tug at the heart strings piece that left you really feeling for them all. Jenny’s characters decisions were surprising and exciting because it seems that she will be included in more of the story in the next book. Roger and Bree purchasing and moving into Lollybroch was an interesting piece as well as the box of letters from Claire and Jaime. I enjoyed their parts of the book even though I was sad that they had decided to go back through the stones to their time. I find that the scenes where they are still in the 1700′s are so much more interesting than the scenes in the 90′s. There was a lot more mention in this book of Ian and his relationships. It was a very welcome addition to hear more about him. His character (and Rollo’s) are fascinating and have lead to a place where I think his story can build out nicely over the next book or so.

So really…when will the next one be out??

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