Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy 2012

Well boy did this series become popular overnight…I had not heard a peep about it until someone recommended it to me. Then it was as if it blew up..They were talking about it on the radio, the TV, even the nightly news had a segment on it. I am always amazed at how that happens.

Let’s begin by saying I liked the series. I am not a stranger to erotica novels by any means. I really don’t get why some people are all up in arms over the content. This type of book has been out forever. I mean really hasn’t anyone read Exit to Eden or the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice?!  Getting back on track, I think it was a good story with likable characters. Was it a great literary novel? No. Was it a good read? Yes. So if you go into it with this mindset you won’t be disappointed.

looking for a steamy, sex filled novel to fill your downtime this summer?? Is so, these are the books for you. Sex scenes galore. Romance and a relationship that beats the odds round out the story line to make an enjoyable read. Now ladies don’t get all crazy and make Christian out to be your next Edward Cullen…Ya’ll know some people get crazy and start comparing their husbands/boyfriends to these characters. Remember THIS IS A FICTION NOVEL! Christian is NOT real. I know that is hard to hear but it is the truth! LOL

My recommendation: If you like a little excitement in your life, read these. If you find all the hype and sex talk annoying, find something a little less racy/popular to read :)

Happy reading!

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