Published 2010 - 320 Pages

Waking the Witch – Kelley Armstrong

From the first book in the Women of the Otherworld series I was hooked. I really enjoy these books. They are short, quick reads that keep your interest from start to finish. This book focuses around Savannah, daughter of the famous witch Eve Levine and Cabal boss and sorcerer Kristof Nast. Savannah’s character has been present in many of the books in this series and this was the first one that really focused on her.

She is an adult now and still people don’t take her as seriously as she would like. They all remember the trouble she caused as a teen and most people have a hard time getting past it. Sure they all know that she has not had it easy…Her Mom and Dad both killed with her to blame (or so she thinks). Her father’s family still refuses to acknowledge her because she was the daughter of  a witch.  But she has family. Paige and Lucas have taken care of her since her Mother’s death and have done everything they could to help her become a good person. Lucas’ father being a Cabal boss himself has taken her in as part of the Cortez family and in turn as part of their Cabal. He is no fool. He knows she is a powerful witch and that it bothers the Nast Cabal to know that they will acknowledge her and that pleases him. In this book Savannah gets a chance to prove to everyone that she is a grown up and that she can handle some supernatural investigations on her own. So with Paige and Lucas on a long overdue vacation, Paige takes on a case herself. Lets just say even with people watching out for her for Paige and Lucas things do not go smoothly with the case and Savannah lands herself in some real trouble. I won’t spoil the end so if you want to know where this all goes you will have to read it  yourself. But if you are going to read Kelley Armstrong’s novels do yourself a favor and read this series from the beginning (FYI this is book #11). She has many characters with many different supernatural talents and they all make appearances in each other’s story lines. So if you don’t want to be lost, read the series from the beginning.

Happy Supernatural Reading!

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