Published 2001 - 1472 pages

The Fiery Cross – Diana Gabaldon

Alright I will admit it…I am addicted to the Outlander series. There I have said it out loud.  I really can’t get enough of Jaime, Claire and the whole family. These books have kept me enthralled from the very first one. Once you start them you become invested in what happens to each one of the characters. And boy are there a lot of them to keep up with. Fraser’s Ridge has a lot of tenants now so the story builds with each new person.  I really am a sucker for novels that are part of a long series like this one. I become so invested that I can’t accept when the story ends for good. You grow to love the characters and you hate to feel like something has been left out or that you don’t know what is going on in their “lives” (as if they are real people!).

This particular book had a great surprise at the end. I don’t want to say what it was because I hate when I unsuspectingly read a spoiler so I won’t do that to anyone who is reading this. I can’t wait to start the next one to see what unfolds from the surprise arrival :) Ok that is all I will say…someone arrives and it is someone you do not expect.  This book moved a little slower than the others because things were settling down a bit on the Ridge. But I feel like Diana Gabaldon is setting up some major things to happen in the next couple books.

I will post more of a review when I finish the whole series (only 2 more books to go…I am a little sad about that). I think it will be better to give a review of how the last couple of books were instead of each one and risking giving away too much. Stay tuned Outlander fans.

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