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The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

As someone who loved Angels & Demons and really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code I guess I would have to say I am a Dan Brown fan. While I will agree with most people that he is not the best writer, I do find his books entertaining. And really who am I to judge…I am FAR from being a good writer.

The third installment of the Robert Langdon books proved to be as action packed as the last two. When I started the book I felt like the story seemed a little predictable and I was starting to think that this book would not be as good as the others. A couple chapters in and I changed my mind. The story got more and more twisted and around the 300′s (pages) I couldn’t put it down.

Brown writes about mysterious groups in his books. The Masons have always been a mysterious group in our country’s history and this book gives us a glimpse into their secret world. Freemasons, religion, science and the quest for ancient mysteries keep you turning the pages faster and faster. I enjoyed that as the book went on Robert and Katherine’s religious beliefs became a larger part of the story. One God, faith, hope, miracles…all beliefs that mankind struggles with. What would you say if someone told you that they could prove to you that your soul existed and that it left your body when you died? The theories and questions that Dan Brown makes you consider are reason enough to read his books. Especially this one.

I will not include any spoilers in this review but I will say that I was a little disappointed at the last couple of chapters. The end of the thriller/mystery part of the story ended well. What I was not as engaged in was the chapters that come after that. It kind of dragged on after that with a few good lines and not too much substance. Where I couldn’t wait to turn the page in the previous chapters, I couldn’t wait for the last few pages to be over.

All in all though, if you liked the other Dan Brown novels you will like this one.

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