Flirt – Laurell K. Hamilton

Book 18 in the Anita Blake Series. I would consider this book more like book 17 1/2 of the series since it is more of a short story featuring only a small group of the usual Anita cast.

Trouble finds Anita (as usual) and she is left with out all her supernaturals to help her. This book includes very little of Jean Claude and focuses more on the other sup’s in her life. It’s a nice shift from Jean Claude being a main focus in the story. ┬áThe story starts off with Tony Bennett asking Anita to animate his dead wife. He reasoning for the job makes Anita uncomfortable and she turns down the job. This leads to a big mess that she needs to find her way out of.

If you have read all the other Laurell K. Hamilton books I would recommend reading this one to keep up on all the characters. I would not recommend buying it though…this one is such a quick read that you should just go to the library and rent it.

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