Published 2010 - Pages 320 (Hardcover)

Dead in the Family – Charlaine Harris

OK…so you all know I was excited about reading this book. Unfortunately, it was not as good as I had hoped. :(

Some key factors were that there was no real story, a lot of items were left unanswered and we learned very little about any of the characters. I think the character we learned the most about was Claude and even saying that is a stretch. I feel that the story fell short on many levels. We did not get much regarding the relationship or lack of relationship between Sookie and Bill. Eric’s maker comes to town and we do not get much of a description of him or his relationship with Eric. The book barely touched on the romantic relationship between Sookie and Eric. Things were even left unanswered with Sam and Sookie. Will they go to the wedding together or not?? One thing I was happy about was Alcide’s presence in the book. I was glad we had a little glimpse back into the Pack.

All in all the story was all over the place but really went no where. The other books in this series were much better.

In the end I was left feeling disappointed.

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