“The First 10″ definition: My reaction after reading the first 10 pages of a book.

Today’s book is Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris.

OK…let me start by saying I am excited to read this book. I enjoyed the series (The Sookie Stackhouse Series) so far and am enjoying the TV show based on the novels (True Blood). These books are usually a pretty quick read so I should have my full review to you shortly.

I just finished the first 10 pages of Dead in the Family and so far we have recapped all the major events of the last novel in the Sookie Stackhouse Series. At this point I have been refreshed on who has died, who Sookie is dating and what physical condition she is in since her last battle. All good points to catch up on since they can change so quickly when you are dealing with the supernatural. Not too much action or drama yet but stay tuned for the full review.

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