Kristen on May 30th, 2012

Oogy - The dog only a family could love.

Oogy – By Larry Levin

Overall – cute story and very touching. As a book – poorly written and boring at several points. I understand that the author is a lawyer and not a writer but if the book is on the NYT best seller list I expect a little more than what I got. There were several pointless rambling sessions throughout the book that I honestly found myself skipping over. BUT the amazing family and dog that it is about kept me going until the end. Oogy’s story is one that definitely should have been told but maybe a ghost writer or a third party could have written the story that Mr. Levin told. In the end though the important thing is that Oogy’s story was told.

The story is a tale of a dog pure of heart. A dog who no matter what happened to him only wanted to love and be loved. What he went through was horrible and disgusting. But the love and care that he received once he was rescued changed his life forever. Oogy is a fighter…but not the kind of fighter that his original owner hoped for. He fought for his life by not giving up when he was so badly injured and left to die. He fought for his life again and again when he had to undergo multiple surgeries and the infections he had after them. And he fought all the cards that were stacked against his survival. Well, he sure did win! He survived and thrived with a new family and a life that any dog would be lucky to have. His family has done an amazing job making sure that he is well taken care of, loved immensely and most importantly safe.

So if you are a dog lover, I think you will enjoy this book based on the dog it is about. If you are not a dog lover, you may want to skip this one.


Kristen on May 25th, 2012

Oogy – By Larry Levin

In the first 10 pages the author (Larry) is trying to set the scene of a normal day for his family and more importantly Oogy. Honestly, it is a little boring but I understand what he is trying to do. With the start this poor guy got in life every day that is normal for him is a blessing. Every day he is alive, since he probably should have died from his injuries, is a blessing. So although the book is not written all that well I am excited to read on and hear Oogy’s story. :) Stay tuned for full review.

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Kristen on May 24th, 2012

An Echo in the Bone – Diana Gabaldon (wrote this a while ago and never posted)

So I made it to the last book in the Outlander Series and let me tell you…She can’t write the next one fast enough. I mean really could there be any more cliff hangers in a book? So much has happened between A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone and in the end not even one of the story lines have resolved. And with four of them you would think she would throw us a bone and at least give us a resolution to one of them. But that was not the case. This book was significantly shorter than the others at a little over 800 pages so I am kind of feeling like this was half a book and she needed more time to complete the story so she released this half as a book and we will get the end of the story in the next one. All that being said I did enjoy this book for the most part.

Let me start with the negatives…Too much time was spent on Lord John and William. I enjoy learning about them and hearing more about their story (especially Jaime’s son) but did we really need all the battle details and such?? I don’t think so. Because there was so much of that we got less of Jaime, Claire and Ian. The boat journeys..They always go incredibly wrong so it felt a little predictable which is not something I could say about any of the other Outlander novel story lines.

Now on to the good. I really enjoyed the reunion of Jaime, Claire, young Ian, Jenny and Ian. This part of the book was most like the DG writing in the rest of the series. An emotional, tug at the heart strings piece that left you really feeling for them all. Jenny’s characters decisions were surprising and exciting because it seems that she will be included in more of the story in the next book. Roger and Bree purchasing and moving into Lollybroch was an interesting piece as well as the box of letters from Claire and Jaime. I enjoyed their parts of the book even though I was sad that they had decided to go back through the stones to their time. I find that the scenes where they are still in the 1700′s are so much more interesting than the scenes in the 90′s. There was a lot more mention in this book of Ian and his relationships. It was a very welcome addition to hear more about him. His character (and Rollo’s) are fascinating and have lead to a place where I think his story can build out nicely over the next book or so.

So really…when will the next one be out??

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Kristen on May 24th, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy 2012

Well boy did this series become popular overnight…I had not heard a peep about it until someone recommended it to me. Then it was as if it blew up..They were talking about it on the radio, the TV, even the nightly news had a segment on it. I am always amazed at how that happens.

Let’s begin by saying I liked the series. I am not a stranger to erotica novels by any means. I really don’t get why some people are all up in arms over the content. This type of book has been out forever. I mean really hasn’t anyone read Exit to Eden or the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice?!  Getting back on track, I think it was a good story with likable characters. Was it a great literary novel? No. Was it a good read? Yes. So if you go into it with this mindset you won’t be disappointed.

looking for a steamy, sex filled novel to fill your downtime this summer?? Is so, these are the books for you. Sex scenes galore. Romance and a relationship that beats the odds round out the story line to make an enjoyable read. Now ladies don’t get all crazy and make Christian out to be your next Edward Cullen…Ya’ll know some people get crazy and start comparing their husbands/boyfriends to these characters. Remember THIS IS A FICTION NOVEL! Christian is NOT real. I know that is hard to hear but it is the truth! LOL

My recommendation: If you like a little excitement in your life, read these. If you find all the hype and sex talk annoying, find something a little less racy/popular to read :)

Happy reading!

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Kristen on May 24th, 2012

It has been a LONG time… but I was missing for a good reason. My husband and I had our first child and I didn’t really have the time (or energy) to get back on here to blog. Of course I was still reading but just didn’t find my way back to here.

I wish I could go back and review all I read in the time I was away from here but I just can’t remember enough detail to make it worth it. On my maternity leave alone I read 7 books while caring for a newborn and being sleep deprived!

All I can say now  is that I am still reading and I hope to be better about getting on here and sharing my thought about the books. I hope someone out there is still interested… :)

Kristen on January 20th, 2011

Published 2010 - 320 Pages

Waking the Witch – Kelley Armstrong

From the first book in the Women of the Otherworld series I was hooked. I really enjoy these books. They are short, quick reads that keep your interest from start to finish. This book focuses around Savannah, daughter of the famous witch Eve Levine and Cabal boss and sorcerer Kristof Nast. Savannah’s character has been present in many of the books in this series and this was the first one that really focused on her.

She is an adult now and still people don’t take her as seriously as she would like. They all remember the trouble she caused as a teen and most people have a hard time getting past it. Sure they all know that she has not had it easy…Her Mom and Dad both killed with her to blame (or so she thinks). Her father’s family still refuses to acknowledge her because she was the daughter of  a witch.  But she has family. Paige and Lucas have taken care of her since her Mother’s death and have done everything they could to help her become a good person. Lucas’ father being a Cabal boss himself has taken her in as part of the Cortez family and in turn as part of their Cabal. He is no fool. He knows she is a powerful witch and that it bothers the Nast Cabal to know that they will acknowledge her and that pleases him. In this book Savannah gets a chance to prove to everyone that she is a grown up and that she can handle some supernatural investigations on her own. So with Paige and Lucas on a long overdue vacation, Paige takes on a case herself. Lets just say even with people watching out for her for Paige and Lucas things do not go smoothly with the case and Savannah lands herself in some real trouble. I won’t spoil the end so if you want to know where this all goes you will have to read it  yourself. But if you are going to read Kelley Armstrong’s novels do yourself a favor and read this series from the beginning (FYI this is book #11). She has many characters with many different supernatural talents and they all make appearances in each other’s story lines. So if you don’t want to be lost, read the series from the beginning.

Happy Supernatural Reading!

Kristen on November 19th, 2010

Published 2001 - 1472 pages

The Fiery Cross – Diana Gabaldon

Alright I will admit it…I am addicted to the Outlander series. There I have said it out loud.  I really can’t get enough of Jaime, Claire and the whole family. These books have kept me enthralled from the very first one. Once you start them you become invested in what happens to each one of the characters. And boy are there a lot of them to keep up with. Fraser’s Ridge has a lot of tenants now so the story builds with each new person.  I really am a sucker for novels that are part of a long series like this one. I become so invested that I can’t accept when the story ends for good. You grow to love the characters and you hate to feel like something has been left out or that you don’t know what is going on in their “lives” (as if they are real people!).

This particular book had a great surprise at the end. I don’t want to say what it was because I hate when I unsuspectingly read a spoiler so I won’t do that to anyone who is reading this. I can’t wait to start the next one to see what unfolds from the surprise arrival :) Ok that is all I will say…someone arrives and it is someone you do not expect.  This book moved a little slower than the others because things were settling down a bit on the Ridge. But I feel like Diana Gabaldon is setting up some major things to happen in the next couple books.

I will post more of a review when I finish the whole series (only 2 more books to go…I am a little sad about that). I think it will be better to give a review of how the last couple of books were instead of each one and risking giving away too much. Stay tuned Outlander fans.

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Kristen on November 16th, 2010

Published 2009 - 528 Pages

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

As someone who loved Angels & Demons and really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code I guess I would have to say I am a Dan Brown fan. While I will agree with most people that he is not the best writer, I do find his books entertaining. And really who am I to judge…I am FAR from being a good writer.

The third installment of the Robert Langdon books proved to be as action packed as the last two. When I started the book I felt like the story seemed a little predictable and I was starting to think that this book would not be as good as the others. A couple chapters in and I changed my mind. The story got more and more twisted and around the 300′s (pages) I couldn’t put it down.

Brown writes about mysterious groups in his books. The Masons have always been a mysterious group in our country’s history and this book gives us a glimpse into their secret world. Freemasons, religion, science and the quest for ancient mysteries keep you turning the pages faster and faster. I enjoyed that as the book went on Robert and Katherine’s religious beliefs became a larger part of the story. One God, faith, hope, miracles…all beliefs that mankind struggles with. What would you say if someone told you that they could prove to you that your soul existed and that it left your body when you died? The theories and questions that Dan Brown makes you consider are reason enough to read his books. Especially this one.

I will not include any spoilers in this review but I will say that I was a little disappointed at the last couple of chapters. The end of the thriller/mystery part of the story ended well. What I was not as engaged in was the chapters that come after that. It kind of dragged on after that with a few good lines and not too much substance. Where I couldn’t wait to turn the page in the previous chapters, I couldn’t wait for the last few pages to be over.

All in all though, if you liked the other Dan Brown novels you will like this one.

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Kristen on October 13th, 2010

Flirt – Laurell K. Hamilton

Book 18 in the Anita Blake Series. I would consider this book more like book 17 1/2 of the series since it is more of a short story featuring only a small group of the usual Anita cast.

Trouble finds Anita (as usual) and she is left with out all her supernaturals to help her. This book includes very little of Jean Claude and focuses more on the other sup’s in her life. It’s a nice shift from Jean Claude being a main focus in the story.  The story starts off with Tony Bennett asking Anita to animate his dead wife. He reasoning for the job makes Anita uncomfortable and she turns down the job. This leads to a big mess that she needs to find her way out of.

If you have read all the other Laurell K. Hamilton books I would recommend reading this one to keep up on all the characters. I would not recommend buying it though…this one is such a quick read that you should just go to the library and rent it.

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Kristen on August 6th, 2010


Published 2009 - Pages 448

Cleopatra’s Daughter – Michelle Moran

It seems that lately I have been on a historical kick…Cleopatra’s Daughter, like the Outlander Series, is based around actual historical events. Michelle Moran writes about the time period accurately and draws you into what the characters experienced when they did everyday things like attended court, walked down the street with guards or watched the races.  She uses accurate terminology for Rome in that time period as much as possible and writes a few pages in the back of the book letting you know what was fact and what was fiction.

The story starts off in the midst of some serious action. Cleopatra and Marc Antony are dead and their children are left to be taken by Octavian as property of Rome. From there the story gets more and more intriguing . Michelle Moran does an amazing job of making you feel like you are there with the characters. Selene and Alexander (the twins) are not taken as slaves, like most of the other Prince and Princesses of the lands Octavian defeated,  but they are still prisoners in a strange land. Stripped of their family and their home they are taken to Octavian’s sister Octavia to raise. Octavia treats them well and tries to make them feel as much at home as she can but the twins know that they are still seen as a threat by Octavian. The scenes are so vivid that you can feel Selene’s frustration at their situation. Along the way she will come into contact with many interesting characters like Juba, Marcellus, Julia, and Gallia. Their journey is filled with excitement, sadness, fear, hope and determination.

I don’t want to give too much away so I will stop there. This book is a quick read and it leaves you excited for the next novel from Michelle Moran. I agree with most of the other reviews of this book in that it can be seen as both an adult and YA novel. If you like this one you should also check out Nefertiti. I read Nefertiti first and could not wait to read this book next.  Next up for me to read by Michelle Moran is The Heretic Queen. Stay tuned for that review in the coming weeks.

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